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We take pride in using quality constuction methods and materials to build custom cabinets..

Our preferred method of cabinet construction is with a face frame rather than the European style (or frameless).  The face frame, made of solid wood,  helps to strengthen the cabinet box.  This allows us to put the hinge screws into solid wood rather than mounting directly particle board.  Our past experience in re-facing cabinets has shown that mounting screws directly in particle board (as in most European style cabinets) has a limited life expectancy (maybe 10 years).   The face frame also allows for a solid connection between adjoining cabinets.  

We build our cabinets with  hanging rails, corner blocks, and full backs.   We use 3/4" cabinet sides.  This type of construction will hold the heaviest countertops like granite or cement.  The top cabinets are made with a full 12 inches of useable depth.  We use solid wood edges on the shelves and brass shelf pins.  These features are not always found in other cabinets.  

The interiors of the cabinets are a fused melamine product.  We offer it in  white or maple wood grain.  It is easy to clean and very water resistant.  Our open book cases or decorative cabinets may have a matching wood interior.

Our preferred method of drawer box construction is a blind dovetail.  With this method, the drawer front becomes part of the drawer box.  It is not screwed on.  The drawer sides slide into a dovetail groove on the back of the drawer front.  Our drawer bottoms sit in a dado rather than being pinned onto the bottom.  We use top quality Blum and KV drawer runners.  Half blind dovetail drawer boxes are used on our large drawers and hamper bins.  

Our pan trays (sometimes referred to as pull out shelves) are built with sloped sides and a full height back.  They are mounted on KV 100 pound full extension drawer runners.

Our Super Susan is built in our own shop.  The top susan is mounted on an adjustable shelf.  There is no center pole to get in the way.  No comparison to a plastic lazy susan.  Don't miss out on this option.  It is strong enough to stand on and large enough to hold 4 five-gallon buckets with room to spare.

Our spice rack is made with adjustable shelves.

We mill our own crown molding which makes it so we can use any available woods without the limitation of finding molding to match.

We build our own cabinet doors.  This allows us to hand select wood for the best color and grain matching.  We know the project details and can select the wood with the overall picture in mind.  We have many woods and door styles available.

We use a vinyl sealer in addition to a pre-catalyzed lacquer in our finishing process.  The vinyl sealer helps protect the wood from water damage.  This will extend the life of your cabinets.  We offer a variety of stains and glazes.  Be sure to see our samples in the showroom.